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Danone Iron Webinar for Pediatricians and Midwives


Danone has always developed and disseminated scientific knowledge on health and nutrition to the benefit of public health in Côte d’Ivoire and the Sahel Region. This was usually done through workshops with pediatricians and midwives with physical attendance in the country.


And then the COVID-19 pandemic just happened with the social distancing requirements, the fear, the uncertainty, the banning public gathering. In addition to his death toll on adults, the pandemic was going to endanger the infants, by cutting access to critical knowledge for pediatricians and midwives.


As the world was getting familiar with Zoom, we took the Workshop experience online, by recreating a fully digital series of events, from registration to post-event feedback. We combined SMS marketing, Zoom, Typeform, free music to plan, execute and survey the workshops.


12 workshops with the participation of over 800 health specialists were held. The format has now become standard practice even when there’s the ban on gathering has been removed. The NPS has remained closely like the one of the physical events. And the attendants have praised Danone for taking that swift action.


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